What to do if you have a cracked display Screen

Where should you go to have your cracked laptop screen replaced?

If you have a touch screen laptop with a cracked screen, you’re probably wondering what is your next step? Will the manufacturer warranty cover a cracked LCD or touch screen? Is this Sony’s fault for making the laptop so fragile or will they say the damage is my fault? Ultimately, how much it would cost to replace the damaged screen? If you purchased the laptop new, your next step is to speak with the computer store or the manufacturer about invoking your warranty.

If you have cracked touch screen, you're probably wondering what is your next step.

Professional LCD and Touchscreen Replacement Service – All Laptop Models –

Most computer manufacturers do not take responsibility for ‘physical damage’ regardless of cause. They usually will tell you that highly obvious fact. They believe that their warranty terms absolve them from any responsibility at all – even if the cracked screen was due to a manufacturing or design fault. If they agree to replace your cracked screen, it could cost from $300 to $700. Our screen replacement cost are 1/3 the cost of most repair shops.

If your cracked screen is not covered by warranty, google your laptop model, cracked screen, and your zip code to find a reputable computer repair shop in your area. Or contact us for a free price quote, our screen replacement prices are the lowest in the area and come with a 3 Year Warranty!

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