Permanent Fix for Broken Apple Macbook Laptop Hinges

We fix broken Apple Mackbook Pro laptop hinges on all models.

Broken Macbook Pro LCD/Back Cover Hinges

What to do if you have broken hinges on your laptop or notebook.

Sometimes laptops fall and the hinges commonly break.  Laptop hinges also break when the laptop display screens are repeatedly opened too far, or after a laptop is dropped, causing the lid to come completely off the base.  Laptops have come to our shop in two pieces. Other times one hinge may come loose and the screen may “pull away” from the base of the laptop.

We repair broken HP dv7 laptop hinges on all computer models. Call today for your free quote.

Laptop hinges broken from lower base are reparable.

In addition to keeping the lid/screen from failing off your laptop, there is a video cable that runs from the motherboard to the back of the LCD screen lid. If the hinge is loose, the video cable can either be pulled loose or broken creating a blank LCD screen.

On most laptops, the metal hinge gets attached to the LCD screen cover.  Sometimes the hinge itself breaks but many times the plastic in the base or lid where the attached screws break.  This can often be repaired at a reasonable cost, instead of buying a new laptop. Sometime the cost is slightly higher if the LCD or top cover has to be replaced.

We repair laptop and notebook hinges and replace LCD screens all the time.

We repair exposed wires due to broken hinges.

If you see this, we encourage you to bring the laptop in as soon as possible. Drop it off for a free quote then decided if you want them repaired. If both your hinges and LCD screen are broken, we can repair both at the same time reduce repair cost.

How to Avoid Breaking the Hinge on Your Laptop

Often people open and close the lid from either the left or right side, putting more stress on one hinge weakening them over time. Always open and close the display screen from the center/top edge of the LCD screen, near the webcam to increase hinge life.

So remember if you have a broken hinge, give Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair a call today.

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